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Odor & slime problems lead to off spec products caused by bacteria & fungi. Environmental microbiology ]



Solving problems. Saving money

  • Problem Solving: Is the problem really caused by microbes? Did the problem originate in your plant or in the supply chain? Is it the water? An additive? An incorrect or badly placed biocide(s). Are odors a problem?
  • Review of new engineering projects: Avoid unexpected microbial problems by reducing conditions that promote microbial growth.
  • Biocide selection studies: Need confirmation that a biocide is working properly? Has resistance developed? Want to compare biocide actives from various suppliers by a neutral party in your machine’s furnish? Is an oxidizing biocide appropriate or should a non oxidizing biocide be considered?
  • Training: Comprehensive technical training programs for engineers and operators.
  • New product development support: Is there a market for your product? Do you need help with market development? Is your product biodegradable? Will it need a preservative? Does it provide resistance to fungi/mold? What testing should be conducted? Could antimicrobial properties enhance the product?
  • Program assessment/process improvement: Does your operation have the best program?

​Bid Review:

  • What is reasonable in a biocide program bid?
  • What are the elements of a good program?
  • What is the best way to evaluate competing technologies for technical soundness?

It can be tempting to sign the lowest cost program and sometimes this will save considerable money. However, a poorly designed program causing product recalls or downtime can be extremely costly.

contact: linda@imicrobial.comEnvironmental microbiology 

Standard ASTM tests may not be applicable in testing novel products.  IMA Inc. helps clients design testing that will help predict reflect real world conditions. The client may chose to conduct their own tests, a local lab or a lab recommended by IMA that is able to do non-routine testings. Call or email to discuss.


Consults on anaerobic bacteria odor, industrial microbiology,  and biocide 

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