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Ms Robertson has worked in R&D and industrial applications for over 35 years. In her 14 years with Weyerhaeuser, she conducted research in numerous aspects of microbiology related to the forest products and paper industry as well as a variety of new market development projects that ranged from baby wipes to wood decay. At Nalco, her work resulted in 12 patents related to biocides and deposit control of microbes in industrial systems, new product development and applied research and technical service at mill sites throughout the globe. 

IMA’s current consulting profile includes specialty manufacturers, major paper/forest products companies, coating companies, appliance manufacturers, the US Chemical Safety Board, and new companies seeking advice on developing antimicrobial products.

Linda has presented papers for TAPPI, APPITA, CPPA, ECOPAPERTECH, and taught microbiology short courses in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and China for TAPPI and APPITA. She has taught short courses and problem solving in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, South Africa, Asia and North America.  This has helped machines improve efficiency from 84% to 95%. She has helped mills resolve odor issues, catalase problems and evaluate competing vendor proposals for technical soundness.

Over her career she has written over 50 technical papers related to industrial microbiology. She has visited over 100 papermills and worked on problem solving issues in numerous other types of industrial processes. 

A member of TAPPI for over 20 years, she has served as the Microbiology and Microbial Technology Chairperson and as the USA delegate for ISO TC6/SC2 on Dairyman’s methods for microbiological testing of paper. In addition to her biocide expertise she has been involved in many early alkaline conversions, research in water system closure, odor control, Dairyman’s grades programs, pulp & paper wastewater treatment and various aspects of paper system microbial control. A graduate of Washington State University in Microbiology with graduate work at the University of Washington, she is currently president of International Microbial Associates.


Cconsults on anaerobic bacteria odor, industrial microbiology,  and biocide BIOCIDE ANAEROBIC BACTERIA ODOR FUNGI