Photomicrograph of fungi and filamentous bacteria forming a biofilm. Unicellular bacteria can also be observed.  

Fungi and mold are often overlooked as the source of a deposit problem. 

anaerobic bacteria odor

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Solving industrial spoilage, slime and odor problems

Algae with intact green chloroplasts that has survived chlorine fresh water treatment



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Odor & slime problems lead to off spec products caused by bacteria & fungi. Environmental microbiology ]

Few companies these days have experienced microbiologists that understand the complex problems caused by bacteria and fungi in industrial processes and products. Sending a sample to a lab to "name the microbes" really doesn't address how to control a complex biofilm or odor problems in process waters. Some problems can be alleviated by changing the environment to minimize growth. In other situations, one or more biocides may be needed to control deposits, spoilage or anaerobic odors. 

Working with an expert industrial microbiologist who understands the process and microbial biocide control programs, the client can quickly resolves problems that may cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product without risking harming the wastewater treatment system. A neutral party helps eliminate time wasted in the “blame the other supplier” game and advises on biocide application strategies. anaerobic bacteria odor industrial microbiology biocide

Linda Robertson has unique industrial microbiology experience. She has worked for a leading paper and forest products company and for a major biocide supplier, founding IMA Inc in 2006. She brings over 35 years of practical problem solving experience to clients, resolving microbial slime and spoilage problems. With a career in research, technical consulting, marketing and sales support she has worked with clients on every continent helping them save millions of dollars of lost product and developing new programs. ​fungi and mold

With over 50 technical papers, 12 patents and extensive experience in all aspects of papermaking, she has experience with products varying from carpet textiles, nursery plants, tissue culture, clays, coatings, paints, personal care, germ free eggs and pesticides. Examples of some of the new products she helped develop include laminated beams, baby wipes, biocides, and non-toxics to prevent adhesion to surfaces. She has taught courses in North & South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. anaerobic bacteria odor
International Microbial Associates has the experience and knowledge to help resolve complex problems. This experience provides an extensive network of contacts to help clients explore new opportunities. anaerobic bacteria odor, industrial microbiology, biocide